Historical dressage literature

In this database you can find historical literature on dressage and the training of horses, up until about 1900. Links to free digital versions are provided. For a limited number of books there are no scans available, these will be added in the future when avaible. The database is set up in chronological order (based on first publication), and not all editions have scans available. If you want to help to add to the database, please send an email to info@barthartogsveld.nl if you notice broken links or found a scan for a book not on the list yet.

This database does not include fighting manuals, that are the most important source from the Middle Ages. These are available through this link. you can find more literature about other horse-related topics here.

This database has a focus on riding culture from predominantly the European continent. On this page you can find a list of historical texts in Arabic.