Private lessons

Private lessons with your own horse take 45 minutes and cost €50, excluding travel expenses from Maastricht, the Netherlands. These can be calculated by taking the amount of kilometers multiplied by €0,23. Private lessons are available in the Netherlands, parts of Belgium and Germany. It is also possible to book online lessons, these can be arranged in a variety of ways (live instruction, discussing your riding videos afterwards, theory lessons).

Lessons can cover a wide range of topics, such as groundwork, ridden work, sidemovements, problems with bend, improving transitions such as canter and trot, halting or backing up, piaffe and terre-a-terre and mezair and courbettes, riding patterns, building more muscle in your horse, how to work with your horse to reduce resistance, etcetera.

If you are interested in booking a lesson, please contact me at or one of the other options listed in the menu above.


In his teaching, Bart is inspired by the ideals from riding masters in the past. They aimed to ride with a high degree of collection and self-carriage without losing suppleness and lightness. This ensures that the horse moves in a biomechanically healthy way, carrying the rider optimally. In his teaching, Bart will explain in a logical way how to move your seat synchronous to the movement of your horse, which will prevent a lot of commonly felt resistance. In addition, calmness is maintained even when the horse has a high degree of impulsion.

The eventual goal, like it was since the creation of dressage, is to be able to ride with almost invisible aids and that all movements can be done without any effort. Above all, Bart prioritises the motivation and enjoyment of the horse in all aspects of training. It is essential as a rider to be fair and consistent, to reward the horse for their efforts, to never use force, to not overwork the horse and to give enough breaks. As a result, your horse will become more calm, eager to work with you, and stay physically healthy.